Photography and Videography Policy

Photography and Videography Policy

Quirk Richmond welcomes visitors to enjoy our unique hotel, art gallery, and food & beverage outlets. The privacy and relaxation of our guests is of utmost importance.

Quirk Richmond is private property and maintains a strict policy against the use of its grounds (all interior spaces, exterior grounds, etc.) for unauthorized personal, professional, or commercial photography/videography purposes, including but not limited to Wedding, Engagement, Class, Family and Individual Portraits, Advertising Photography, and Model/Fashion Shoots, etc..

Hotel Guests

Hotel guests may shoot non-commercial photography or video for their personal use (no professional equipment, lighting, etc.) in their room or on the property with respect to the privacy of other guests on property. Unauthorized person(s) and/or professional photographers are subject to immediate expulsion from the property. Exceptions can be made through the sales department, when coordinated prior to arrival.

Non-Guest Personal or Professional photography/videography

Non-guest personal or professional photography/videography will only be allowed and authorized by appointment only and adhering to the guidelines below:

  • No photo/film location requests or activities will be approved which disrupt the normal activities of the hotel.
  • All photography requests will be reviewed and approved on based on occupancy, availability, and content with the appropriate fee schedule outlined below. *If you’re an event/wedding planner, restrictions may apply.
  • One area of preference will be granted per photoshoot. Before finalizing the photoshoot, this area and time will need to be confirmed with the sales and operations teams. It is understood that this area is permitted but is not a guarantee for the exclusive use of the space.
  • Areas are limited to the Lobby, Courtyard, Mezzanine, Gray Owl, Loft 209, and Rooftop. Guest rooms and surrounding areas are for hotel guests only. Timelines are limited to Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm. *Can make exceptions, just ask!
  • No major set construction or alteration of buildings will be permitted. Any set decoration or large props must be clearly specified in writing and approved before the session. No furniture can be moved without permission

Fee Schedule is subject to change.

Standard Photoshoot

  • $150 for one hour in the Lobby, and any other available public spaces, such as Courtyard, Mezzanine, Gray Owl, and Loft 209.
  • $250 for one hour on the Rooftop, plus spaces listed above.
  • Does not include a space for make-up or changing. If additional space is needed, inquire with our sales department on reserving a room.
  • Please use handles: @QuirkHotelRVA on Instagram and @QuirkHotel on LinkedIn.


  • $500 for two hours (each additional hour $100)
  • May occur in Lobby and/or Courtyard. If a private space is preferred, please reach out to the sales department for additional options and pricing.
  • Does not include a space for make-up or changing. If additional space is needed, inquire with our sales department on reserving a room.
  • Location credit is required when posting online or sharing over social media. Please use handles: @QuirkHotelRVA on Instagram and @QuirkHotel on LinkedIn.

Contact the Sales Department